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Learning About The Process Of Filing Bankruptcy

Last year I had some financial difficulties and I couldn't pay off my debt. The uncertainty of my financial future was adding to my already stressful life. After months of worry, I finally decided to contact a bankruptcy attorney. After discussing my options with the attorney, I decided to file bankruptcy. My name is Kyle Diggler and if you're struggling with debt and considering bankruptcy, I'm here to help you. I'm not an expert, but I want to share my story and my experience of filing bankruptcy with others who are in a similar situation. As you read my blog, you'll learn all about the bankruptcy process so that you'll know what to expect. I'll also share some tips to help you start your life over financially. I hope that my blog answers all the questions you have about filing bankruptcy.

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Learning About The Process Of Filing Bankruptcy

How To Know If Filing Bankruptcy Is The Right Decision For You

by Evelyn Perkins

Filing bankruptcy is a big deal, but it's something that needs to be done if your debt is a constant worry and you're struggling to pay for everyday things such as groceries and gas. Filing for bankruptcy isn't the end of the world, you should consider it a new beginning. Read below for tips on how to tell if bankruptcy is the right decision for you.

Debt Amount

If you have a lot of debt and not a lot of income, you may be struggling to keep up with your monthly bills. If you're behind on your payment, are borrowing money from others to pay your monthly bills, or borrowing from your next paycheck using a cash advance, you may want to think about filing for bankruptcy.

If you can, try your best to skip out on non-necessities such as stops for coffee or going out to eat to try and stay on a budget. This may help you get on track with your bills. 

Contact your creditors to discuss other payment options such as lowering your monthly payment. You may be able to refinance things such as your auto loan or even your mortgage to get a lower monthly payment or even a lower interest rate.

No Foreseeable Change

If you don't see a foreseeable change in your circumstances, such as an inability to find a better paying job, or your debts just keep accumulating, bankruptcy may be the best option. Sometimes things happen in life such as a loss of a job, or an illness or injury that causes debts to accumulate and it can be very difficult to get caught back up again. You're struggling to pay your current debts and have older debts that you simply cannot afford, which is when you begin drowning in debt - this is when bankruptcy can be very beneficial to you.

If you're struggling with the decision to file for bankruptcy and just aren't sure if it's right for you, talk to a bankruptcy attorney for a consultation to discuss your options. You may be able to do credit counseling, which can help you better understand your finances and get them under control. If credit counseling doesn't work out, file for bankruptcy. You'll have the credit counseling knowledge, so you understand how to budget after you file your bankruptcy to prevent getting in over your head with debt again.

Make an appointment today with a bankruptcy law office like O'Connor Mikita & Davidson LLC to discuss filing and create a new beginning for yourself and your family.