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Learning About The Process Of Filing Bankruptcy

Last year I had some financial difficulties and I couldn't pay off my debt. The uncertainty of my financial future was adding to my already stressful life. After months of worry, I finally decided to contact a bankruptcy attorney. After discussing my options with the attorney, I decided to file bankruptcy. My name is Kyle Diggler and if you're struggling with debt and considering bankruptcy, I'm here to help you. I'm not an expert, but I want to share my story and my experience of filing bankruptcy with others who are in a similar situation. As you read my blog, you'll learn all about the bankruptcy process so that you'll know what to expect. I'll also share some tips to help you start your life over financially. I hope that my blog answers all the questions you have about filing bankruptcy.

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Learning About The Process Of Filing Bankruptcy


How To Prevent A Debtor From Discharging Debt Owed To You

While chapter 7 bankruptcy offers people struggling with debt a way to get a fresh financial start, that often means creditors who loaned them money must absorb the losses. While large companies can afford to write off unpaid debts, this isn't always true for small businesses or individuals who are owed money by the debtor, especially if the money was obtained by debtor fraudulently. If you want to prevent a bankruptcy petitioner from getting debts the person owes you discharged, here's what you need to do.

3 Things You Should Avoid Doing Before You File For Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is a huge event, and if you're considering this, there are certain things you should do before you fileā€”and certain things you should not do. Preparing to file for bankruptcy is something you should carefully think about, and you should also seek advice from a bankruptcy attorney before you decide to go through with it. Here are three things you should avoid doing before you file the paperwork.

What You Should Know About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy And Divorce

Couples who are seeking a divorce are often also experiencing financial difficulties. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an attractive option for those navigating the treacherous financial waters involved in the typical divorce, but you should think very hard before you file for divorce and bankruptcy at the same time. The disadvantages of doing so include: Your assets will be frozen as a result of the bankruptcy filing, making it impossible for a judge to divide and distribute them.

Car Repossession And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Can You Get Your Car Back Or Prevent The Repossession?

In 2012, the average U.S. household credit card debt reached an astounding average of $15,950. With the economy struggling, many Americans are having a hard time paying back their debts and reaching financial stability. If you've been falling behind on your car payments, your car may have been repossessed or may be in danger of getting repossessed by the dealership. You can get your car back or prevent the repossession by simply filing for bankruptcy under chapter 13.